Guidelines Statement

When you accept contributions for content or cam or chat time, you're expected to live up to your end of the bargain. When you flake on a promise, you damage the reputation of the community and alienate customers, which hurts all the other girls. We won't tolerate abuse of mygirlfund community members' trust and money. Blatant scamming and/or a history of delivery failures will result in account termination and a permanent ban.

Here's how you can avoid customer disputes:

1) Ask the customer to use the escrow feature. Not all guys are aware of it, so it may be up to you to recommend it, particularly if he's a new customer and has ordered custom content. The escrow minimum is 9 credits and it's an easy way to protect both of you against a dispute.

2) Communication. Put yourself in the customer's shoes. He's paid his hard-earned money and he has trusted you to deliver. If you run into time constraints, be proactive and tell him as soon as possible. Be realistic and straightforward about what you can do and when. If you take his money, fail to deliver, and fail to communicate, we'll have no choice but to unverify your account until you deliver. If this pattern repeats, we'll terminate your account and ban you permanently.

3) Do not cash out the contribution until you have delivered. Think about how shady that looks from our perspective. MGF is one of the few sites that allows real-time cashouts. Abusing that privilege is a sure-fire way to lose your account.

4) Issue a refund. If you feel you cannot satisfy your customer's request, be proactive and simply refund his contribution. You can only refund contributions that have not yet been cashed out, yet another reason not to cash out until you have delivered. For further details read the Refunding Contributions part of the Help section.

Now, we understand that sometimes a customer may dispute a transaction even though you may think that you have done everything he asked. In our experience, miscommunication is usually the cause. Try your best to reach an understanding with him, and if that proves impossible, contact support and explain the situation. We carefully review each dispute. If we see you've been honest (see the above points) and done your best to live up to your end of the bargain, your account won't be in any danger.

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