Why Shouldn't I Try to Contribute to a Girl Through PayPal, Gift Cards, Wishlists and Other Sites?

Our goal is to create and grow a vibrant and private online community rather than just serve as repository of website advertisements and links to other social media. We are counting on our members to help us grow this community. When members ask to pay girls on paypal or communicate off the site it hurts other girls because it detracts from our pool of contributors. The more contributors that are on the site, the faster the girls can achieve their personal goals.

One could imagine the outcome if everyone requested payment off the site. We would no longer be able to support the community. Every girl on the site would have to find her own personal contributors on the internet through paypal or other means. That's not as easy as it may sound.

Hopefully you have a better understanding as to why we ask that all members honor this policy. It is for the benefit of the community. To protect the community, if a member requests payment via paypal or other means their account will be terminated.

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