Advanced Profile Page Editing

Advance pae editing bypasses the editing interface almost entirely and allows you to create your profile in just about whatever software you would normally use for creating documents with pictures. Some examples of software that works well for this: Photoshop, Gimp, Pic monkey, Just about anything in the MS Office suite, even Microsoft Word, and dozens of other programs. You will have to do your own research and find the right solution for you.

First, you create your document. This document should be 7 inches wide and however long you want it to be. 7 inches is how wide the column is on your mygirlfund profile. Now do just about whatever you want to the document. Make sure it complies with site rules, though, because if you have to take it down, it's the whole profile that comes down and not just a piece of it.

When you're done creating your masterpiece, save the document as a JPEG. Ensure that the final export is saved to under 15 MB or you will not be able to host the JPEG on mygirlfund. Upload this JPEG to your mygirlfund public folder. Now go back to your profile, open up the picture you just uploaded, and copy the URL. Go back to your profile. Click edit profile. Insert your picture into your profile using the paste picture URL function. (looks like a little tree) Click Save. Refresh your profile page. Do your happy dance.

Pro-tip: Use Firefox to edit your profile, because after you insert your pictures in Firefox, it shows up in the preview box with adjustable handles, so you can make the edges of your profile line up perfectly smooth.

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