Both guys and girls can tag themselves. To discover girls with that certain quality you are looking for, visit the "Tags" page. You can search for specific Tags or browse the Tag cloud. 

The self-tagging feature allows you to express your interests and qualities so the girls know what you are all about and what you are looking for. There's an area on your profile home page below the Status line where you can enter your tags. The tagging is free-form, like Tumblr. You can enter in any term or phrase up to 30 characters. After you type in a tag simply type a space, comma or hit the enter or tab buttons. Double check your spelling and punctuation. To delete a tag just click the X on the tag bubble. To enter a tag with spaces just put int in quotation marks i.e. "custom videos".

Girls can see a Tag Cloud for guys just like the guys see for the girls. When girls click on a tag they will see the profiles of all guys who entered that tag. Girls can also see how you tagged yourself on your profile page.

Self-tagging is enabled for premium members. Learn more about our premium membership.

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