How Do I Fulfill an Escrow?

The escrow system will ensure that you get paid for the content you send. Escrow contributions are contributions that are sent to you, but not immediately released into your fund. Contributions of 9 credits or greater are eligible to be put into an escrow fund.

When you accept and fulfill an escrow a preview page is created. The preview page shows small thumbnails of the photos or videos you sent. The contributor will have the option to accept or reject them.

When the contributor accepts the escrow, the contribution will be released to your fund, and he will receive the full-length videos or full-size photos. The escrow system will return the contribution back to him if:

  1. You reject the terms of the request.
  2. You do not fulfill the request by the expiration date.

If he does not accept or reject the content within 24 hours, you will see a Pay me link. Click the link to release the contribution to your fund.

If he opens the escrow and previews the thumbnails, but does not accept or reject the content, the contribution will be automatically transferred to your fund.

To view your escrows activity, go to the Escrows section of your My Fund page.

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