How Do I Chat with a Guy?

To chat or video chat, do the following:

  • Go to a profile page, click Start Chat.
  • To chat, start typing.
  • To video chat, click  ic_Video.png. Pick a flat fee show or a free show.  You can allow guys to record the video session for an additional flat fee.
  • Click Yes to send the invite. Only premium members can turn on their video.
  • Use the video controls to customize your video session. Hide closes the small window where you see yourself. Swap exchanges the video feeds between the large and small windows. Blur makes the video unclear or less distinct. 🙈

Tip 💡 : To let guys know you are ready to video, click ic_Video.png. Your profile is now added to the On Cam page.

Note: Video chat is not available on mobile.

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