A Guide to a Successful Profile


You're on mygirlfund to monetize your interactions right? This guide will guide you on how to set up your profile to do that.

It doesn't get any more frustrating than logging on to mygirlfund to find your inbox dustier than your Grannies attic. OK, maybe you're having an off day or even an off week. However, a likelier explanation is that you need to sharpen up your profile game a bit.

Roll up your sleeves and get comfortable. This post is the definitive guide to getting it right- and setting your mygirlfund profile up to make serious money.

You'll never master it. (And you're not supposed to.) When you have a perfect profile one day, the next day, it will be… less perfect by default. It's the nature of the game, and if you aren't changing up something about your profile on a session-by-session basis, you are missing the entire point.

Is continuously fussing with your profile worth it?

Yes. It is.

The good news is that the essential part of this is simple by design. It only takes a couple of seconds to update your status or change your default profile picture. These two little things alone have a BIG impact on the girl's page where guys do their browsing.

For those of you who are in it to win it, we've put together seven essential ingredients for the "perfect profile."

Follow this recipe, and add your flavor to taste. In one week, stop back by and thank us in the comments.

Keep it fresh. Your presence in the online girls' pages is crucial if you want to get steady traffic to your profile. How else will guys get there if you don't put yourself on that page to be discovered? To maximize your visibility and land the most page views, you will frequently change your profile picture AND status.

You might think that you have the perfect profile photo. Maybe you do. But if you don't keep it in rotation, it will work against you.

Here is the vital part: Keeping the same profile picture for too many hours, or worse- days means that guys who initially didn't click your image when they saw it the first time still aren't going to click that same picture when they see it a second time.

While you contemplate that, remember- it's not your fault- or theirs. It's just the way that visual psychology works. Remember, the perfect profile picture is not possible. Change it frequently for best results.

Protip: "Face shots work best."

The occasional body shot in your rotation is a good thing. Still, honestly, if you want people to connect emotionally with your avatar picture, then you should not shy away from being direct with the lens. When you shoot your photo sets, make sure you are thinking about taking good avatar pics. Mygirlfund crops the avatars into 1 to 1 square. Plan for this, so you don't end up having to crop your photos after you upload them into your public folder.

To keep guys on your page once you bring them there with your photo and status updates.

 2. Put an attention grabber at the top of your profile.

 If there is no apparent reason to scroll down your profile page, then… people won't scroll down to the bottom of your profile page.

Girls often make the mistake of believing that just because they spent 784 hours writing their profile that guys are just going to read every word of it when they land there automatically. This couldn't be further from the truth. The end of your page won't be seen by anyone if there isn't any visual reason to scroll down.

Guys are browsing visually. They are scanning and clicking without doing much reading at all until they land on a profile that really grabs their attention and pulls them out of browsing mode.

The best way to grab someone's attention is to use an attention grabber!

This could be anything from a bold line of text, to a video, gif, or picture. It could also be things like contest updates, or updates on a situation you expect people are following.

The details aren't as important as the concept.

Here is the important part: Your profile will have an average page view of maybe a few seconds unless you devise ways to keep people there once they land there.

While you contemplate that, remember- it's not your fault- or theirs. It's just the way that browsing works. Visual browsing is a hypnotic activity. To make guys snap out of zombie mode and pay attention to what you actually have to say, there has to be that "snap of the fingers." 

Protip: "Video works miracles at keeping people on your page once they land there. Think about submitting a short video for embedding."

Whatever that attention grabber actually ends up being for you; it should go at the very top of your page. Girls who make various headers, banners, and other large graphics find that switching these up at the top of the page frequently is a quick and easy way to get people to engage with the rest of their profile. People who would have never read every word of your 12-page content menu, let alone even scrolled to the bottom of your profile may do the exact opposite if they see something at the top that grabs their attention.

So, once you have their attention….

  1. Reward that attention by formatting your text, & making your profile easy to read.

Seriously. Stay away from the great wall of text. It's way more reading than guys want to do in that mode of discovery. Once again, remember- it's not your fault- or theirs. It's just that surfing profiles is a primarily visual activity.

Protip: "Go at least two font sizes bigger than you think you should, and as you write your profile, try to give more space to visual elements like photos and videos than to blocks of text."

Here is the crucial part: Include photos AND line breaks to break up your text. Use at least one large photo on every page of scrolling that the user has to do. You can get away with making your profile exceptionally long if you just put the information in bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest. Here is a great primer on what not to do with your text formatting.

So once you have an easy-to-digest format dialed in, what should you say?

  1. Your profile should tell a simple story.

Although guys are browsing profiles visually, they are there to connect with and relate to girls. Your narrative will provide context for an icebreaker, rules for the conversation, and filter out the people you really wouldn't want to interact with anyway.

The same applies in reverse. It also gives guys a way to filter out certain content, profiles, and personalities that clash with what they are looking for.


Protip: "Two things that never sell well on mygirlfund are; stories of desperation and ultra-cheap content. Desperation implies a lack of trustworthiness, and ultra-cheap content implies a lack of self-respect."

Spending money on mygirlfund girls is a luxuriously immersive experience, not a charitable one. The experience you provide should match that mindset if you want to optimize the amount of money you make.

Suppose you don't give guys an interactive way to relate to you. In that case, your interactions will be largely limited to "drive-by content sales," which are far less profitable than building relationships and making new friends.

Here is the important part: Make sure that your narrative is emotionally positive and gives an actual preview of your personality and communication style.

Speaking of previews, if you are selling content, your profile is the place to show off the quality of your media.

5. An accurate content preview.

If you choose to embed a video on your profile, you should make sure that it reflects the quality of the videos you sell. The same goes for your photos. Including only your modeling shots on your profile page isn't a good idea unless all of your content reflects that same quality.

The first content sale with someone will largely determine the future profitability of your interaction with that person. If your media is flawlessly lit and captured in your public photos and on your profile, but your latest custom looks like it was shot with a sock over the lens in the dark, then you are likely going to leave someone feeling ripped off.

It's not as crucial to capture perfect media to advertise the actual media you capture. If you don't know what 1080p means, then your Video probably isn't in 1080p. It's perhaps in whatever format your cellphone is set on default.

Here is the important part: As long as there are no negative surprises, your content doesn't have to be anywhere near pro, and it can still do very well.

Protip: "Underpromise, and over-deliver. Every.Single.Time."

  1. Use Video

We've written posts about this before. Video converts casual browsers into fast and furious spenders. A video takes people out of browsing mode, and focuses their attention right where you want it- on you! Videos that work well are often simple introductory videos. Other girls do frequently updated video blogs, giving guys a reason to keep coming back to the profile. Edited video reels of content that you have for sale work great in your content section as well.

Protip: "Matching your face to a voice is a crucial part of your viewers being able to make an emotional connection with you."

 You can find instructions for embedding Video on your mygirlfund profile here  This leads us to the last, but most important ingredient on any profile.

  1. Include a clear call to action. 

This is so essential that without it, you may as well not bother doing anything else listed in this entire post.

The reason that guys are surfing mygirlfund profiles, the motivation.. the drive… the real heart and soul of the matter… is that they are looking for an easy way to connect with someone. They are there to interact, talk, message, etc. and will happily pay to do so!


You can write a narrative that Twain would be proud of, include magazine-worthy photos with just that right amount of sauce… format the ever-loving crap out of your text. If guys don't know what to do next…-after they read every word of your profile and stare at your pictures for eternity, then they will never tell you how awesome they think you are. Maybe they will go back to your profile and view your page often, probably creeping you out in the process, but they may never finally message if they don't know what to say.

Lots of girls make the mistake of blocking guys who do this. We guarantee that in almost every situation where a guy continually goes back to a girl's page but never says hi- it's because they don't know what to say!

Tell them how to talk to you. Start a conversation, and include a call to action to continue it. Be creative and use your powers of perception to figure out where your niche is conversationally speaking. You will find that your interactions on mygirlfund go so much more smoothly in the beginning when guys have a clear way to get in touch and know what to talk about when they finally decide to do so.

Your call to action should be similar to your attention grabber. It should change frequently, and it should stand out. Don't bury it in your text. Make it JUMP out from the rest of your profile, and consider putting it into your profile in multiple places- not just one! It will make a difference in your conversion rates.

So that's it. The whole enchilada. Refer to this post when you make your next profile, or compare this to your profile now.

Do you have all the ingredients?

Comment and share! Get the conversation started and let us know what works for you, or ask any questions you might have about your profile. Also, jump in on the girls-only forum in this thread (to view link log in) and post your profile for critique.

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