13. Promote your Account

Many of our female members promote their mygirlfund accounts on social media to help drive traffic to their profiles. Social media venues like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram are particularly effective. You will want to post links to your profile page, which is simply mygirlfund.com/yourprofilename. That will take guys right to you and then to the free sign-up page. If you are on other sites, you might want to post links to your mygirlfund profile if it's allowed. You can participate in our weekly Twitter and Instagram contests (see the Contests section for details). We run weekly and monthly contests, rewarding the girls who garner the most registrations with cash prizes. There are many ways to build your relationship networks and your fund.

OK, you have made it this far, so you deserve a valuable tip. All the girls want to make our Featured Girls page, but we can only list 30 at a time. How do you get yourself up there? Relationships! Featured Girls are actively building and maintaining relationships with lots of guys. 

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