14. Snaps

Download the mygirlfund snaps app to take in-the-moment photos and videos on your phone and upload them to the Snaps page on mygirlfund.com.


The Snaps app can only be used by verified members of the mygirlfund.com community. To log in, you must have an active mygirlfund account, and you must use the same credentials you used to log into mygirlfund.


You can share your snaps on three different feeds: the Public (all visitors to the snaps.mygirlfund.com can view), Friends only (mygirlfund members who are currently on your Friends list), or Girls only (all verified female members of mygirlfund).


Users who view your content on the mygirlfund.com Snaps page are able to comment, like, and tip you using credits that you can cash out from your My Fund page.


The Snaps app only allows you to capture photos and videos and upload them directly to the Snaps page of mygirlfund.com. You can't view content on the app, and the content you capture on the app can't be saved in the app.

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