How to Price Lock an Offer

You can now price lock offers with photos or videos content.  Fans can "unlock" the offer by paying the price you set.  This new feature is desirable for people who prefer to buy content without having to send a message or wait.

To price lock an offer:

  1. Go to your Home or Offers page
  2. Click Add Offer
  3. Enter a title or brief description
  4. Click the Lock Offer button to set the price (max. 50 credits)
  5. Add your media (photos and videos)
  6. Click the Post Offer button

Please note that you must enter a title or a brief description in the message box to post an offer. Offers added to the Offers page will expire after 14 days. 

You can view how many people have unlocked an offer by looking at the number next to Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_6.34.16_PM.png.

Go to the Earnings section of your My Fund page, to see your Unlocked Offers earnings. 


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